Welcome to the New Holland Church Softball League Site!

Thanks for visiting our website. On this site you’ll find schedules, results and standings for the league this year and for some past ones as well. There is also a contact us page for comments and questions. Feel free to browse the different parts of the site.

First and most important is the understanding that this league is organized to give Christians an opportunity to fellowship and to play together in a way pleasing to the Lord. It is open to both men and women who want to gather for fun, fellowship and mission through the medium of a softball game.
President: Corbin Hoover
Team: Akron
Phone: 717-517-6866

Vice President:

Tournament Coordinator:
Mikie Patterson
Team: Calvary
Email: mikie@mikiemicdjs.com
Phone: 717-517-4736

Website: Mitch Hertzler
Email: mitchkat@comcast.net
Phone: 717-278-5452