NHCSL History

In 1974, three teams from local churches got together on Saturday or Sunday afternoons to play softball.  The churches that the teams represented were New Holland Nazarene, Goodville Mennonite, and Weaverland Mennonite, and this arrangement lasted just for that summer of 1974.


After that season, Leroy High, from New Holland Nazarene, suggested that they ask some other churches in the area if they would like to start a church league.  They started asking, and a total of 7 churches put together teams and joined the league.


The Original 7 were Weaverland Mennonite, Goodville Mennonite, New Holland Nazarene, Terre Hill Berean Bible, New Holland Grace Brethern, New Holland Mennonite, and Pilgrim Bible.


Quickly, the league grew to 15 teams, with Weaverland 2, Weaverland Ravens, New Holland Grace Brethren 2, Goodville Mennonite 2, Bethany Mennonite, Ephrata Grace, Ranck’s and Hinkletown Mennonite joining up.


Eight fields were used during this time. One was at Blue BallElementary School next to Ewell Road. Another field was at Terre HillMennonite School. There was a brier hedge row in the outfield that they had to play around. This field was at the school across the road from Bethany Mennonite, now called Bethany Grace.


The league also used Zausner’s field near New Holland sales stables. That site is now a farm auction place on Jackson St. At New Holland Ford, now New Holland North America, we used both fields. The Shady Maple fields were under lights and the only late night games that we had. The new Shady Maple Smorgasbord sits where the fields were. The other fields were Ranck Church field, New Holland Park field, which was located behind the New Holland Laundry mat, that site is now a housing development, and they also played at the field in Terre Hill Park.


The league’s first umpires were George Platt from New Holland Grace Brethren; Elmer Groff, New Holland Grace Brethren; Lenard High, Weaverland Mennonite; Luke Fox, Weaverland Mennonite; Jerri Parmer, Weaverland Mennonite, and Leroy High, New Holland Nazarene.


The first presidents of the league were Leroy High, New Holland Nazarene, 3 years; Jerri Parmer, Weaverland, 3 years, and Darren Espich, Goodville Mennonite, 2 years. 


In 2013, the league completed its 40th season, and we’re still going strongly. This league is certainly a blessing to all who have participated over those 40 years.